We are a sales agency for the Dutch market. Representing female founded & sustainable brands in the beauty, fashion and lifestyle industry. 


We are a sales agency for the Dutch market. Representing female founded & sustainable brands in the beauty, fashion and lifestyle industry. 

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We’d love to tell you more about our brands. Please read more about Care By Me & Kamamendju below.

Care by me

The CARE BY ME brand was founded in 2012 by Danish designer, Camilla Gullits.  It was her goal to produce a line of clothing and home goods that would be developed in a socially responsible manner at the same time as helping women in developing countries, with Nepal in focus. 
CARE BY ME wishes to provide unique and sustainable products to the world by combining the craftsmanship of handmade textiles in developing countries with Nordic design, excellent production methods, high quality and extraordinary materials.  By doing this CARE BY ME aims to make long lasting products that our customers will love – forever. 
The focus is on empowering women, helping them to secure their future. With this knowledge, they can feed their families, ensure their children’s education, and provide a safe life. 

CARE BY ME is a company owned and operated by women that designs exclusive products to embrace people in our part of the world, at the same time as they empower women in developing countries.


Karmameju’s DNA is a first-class range of aromatherapeutic skincare products from Copenhagen, Denmark. We develop pure, natural and active skincare for the face and body with clinically-proven ingredients and mind-blowing fragrances.
Karmameju is passionate about improving and strengthening your skin. The skin is the body’s largest organ. It must be kept active and healthy, and it must be looked after, nurtured and stimulated both inside and out. The product development is always driven by the wish to improve your skin and to inspire you to embrace skincare rituals that you will love. And self-care that will make your everyday life just that little bit better. 
Karmameju Skincare is based on nature’s ingredients. The formulations are a hybrid of natural, dynamic bioactives and clinically-proven, high performance age-defence extracts.
All products have been developed in collaboration between Mette Skjærbæk founder of Karmameju, and two primary production sites: The British perfumery and laboratory in England, and the organic ingredients supplier and laboratory in Italy.
Iedereen heeft ze, al sta je er vaak niet bij stil. Fijne herinneringen en momenten, toen je klein was, spelend tussen de bladeren en rennend door het gras. Of jaren later, wandelend door de bergen terwijl de zonnestralen op je lichaam vallen. Zoekend naar de eindbestemming met dat prachtige uitzicht dat je tot op de dag van vandaag voor je ziet. Het zijn deze geluksmomenten waar je tot jezelf komt. Met de luxe body- en home producten van Soapment helpen we je hierbij stil te staan. We brengen mens en herinneringen zo dicht mogelijk bij elkaar met onze geuren die zijn geïnspireerd op de beleving van de natuur.
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I have worked retail in the beauty industry for over 10 years, until I finished my Bachelor’s in Business Admin. After graduating I worked in International Sales, and traveled all over Europe, always on the look out for the most beautiful beauty and fashion brands. Now that I have started my own agency, I get to bring the brands that I love to the Dutch market. 

From me to you, Janneke.
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